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You don't need another meeting. You need a better way to meet. You need WebEx web conferencing.
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What is WebEx web conferencing?

Web conferencing lets you meet with anyone, anywhere, in real time. WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser with phone conferencing and video, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk.
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What do you need?

To get the most out of a WebEx web conference, here's all you'll need:   A computer or wireless device with an Internet connection  An audio connection - either through VoIP or phone   A webcam (optional)

Why meet online?

When you meet online, you remove many of the constraints that can make meetings a challenge - like getting everyone in the same place at the same time. With WebEx, you can:   Save time and money in travel  Easily collaborate with distant colleagues and clients  Eliminate inconveniences such as emailing files and follow -    up phone calls   Make your meetings more productive and successful

It's more than just meetings

Web conferencing lets you do almost anything you can do in person. How you use WebEx is limited only by your imagination. For example:   Hold a press conference  Demonstrate a product  Make a sales presentation  Conduct remote training  Collaborate on designs